How To Draw Sasuke Rinnegan - Step By Step (Tutorial)

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Автор: Yogor
please make naruto with rasengan please please please
Автор: Shaktigul
What's the mark ow your white pen?
Автор: Fenridal
Search for a colorpen called posca
Автор: Magar
When i will get my alcohol markers i think i'm gonna do it aha
Автор: JoJogul
Draw kingdom hearts stuff
Автор: Mikagami
Автор: Mikus
Gah, I completely messed up
Автор: Kazrakus
Автор: Shakami
Автор: Bragar
This art is amazing like WOW!
Автор: Vigore
Love it!
Автор: Faele
Can you draw Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan please? Amazing drawing btw!
Автор: Bram
nice draw ❤
Автор: Tugul
que arte de dibujo
Автор: Ketaxe
Автор: Ninris
good good
Автор: Nijind
Bhai rehta kidhar he tu?
Автор: Goshicage
You don't know to speak
Автор: Gakus
Can you please draw me with lighting blade?please like my photo.
Автор: Momi
Super nice
Автор: Shaktigami
you are copying a reference. this is not a real tutorial. so many Yairsassonart wannabes. you even try to talk like him... wtf
Автор: Tolkree
I like the tutorial but can you take a moment and move your hand so we can draw the picture
Автор: Dijind
I know I'm pretty late but thanks so much this was an awesome tutorial and you earned a new sub!❤️
Автор: Arashisida
I have spectrum noir markers and I don't know which colors to use and I do not know where shadows go or what grey you use to shadow . Like you would shadow colored clothing and the color of the clothing is still visible after the grey. This spectrum noir numbers and lettering on caps suck . BUT YOU ROCK!!!!
Автор: Tulrajas
Thanks you for tutorial
Автор: Nilkree
Video : 14 min
Автор: Nimi
Автор: Kazragal
Im baffled by the fact that u are so good at drawing shadows on people
Автор: Dut
I love you
Автор: Zulurg
I still love your videos
Автор: Shagis
subbed bro
Автор: Akinokus
You know what aayush bcz u every night im not sleeping.
Автор: Tokasa
Wow I love it you are awesome can you do Naruto sage of six paths? Plz
Автор: JoJotaxe
I know you just drew naruto but can u do it like this ( with rasengan ) plz can u make it plz
Автор: Kagajora
1 tip i am not good at drawing but i like it so i saw your vid and i was like omg nice it helped me but try to speed it up a bit less at the hard parts cuz i could not follow how you did the hand and the band of sasuke
Автор: Shaktilabar
A SAKURA marker on a SASUKE DRAWING Thats so cool. Btw love your drawings keep it up Aayush!✋✋
Автор: Zulushakar
You draw Naruto and Minato rasengan plisss
Автор: Yolrajas
in 4:48
Автор: Vutaxe
Автор: Dorr
it is really amazing
Автор: Tojazil
bro awesome was wondering if u could draw a sharinghan user with his susanoo
Автор: Tosho
Автор: Zulucage
Автор: JoJojind
Epic dude i love you keep it up
Автор: Virg
This helped me so much I could pretty much draw any character from Naruto but Sasuke this really helped me thank you😄❤
Автор: Daill
I managed to draw very well, but I only have Faber Castell coloring ..
Автор: Yozshushura
can you draw naruto
Автор: Voodoojin
My name is also aayush
Автор: Moshicage
Автор: JoJotilar
copic are complasary
Автор: Nikosho
This was good but it was way to fast
Автор: Faelmaran
I was trying to find the touch soft markers but i can't find them, the only ones i found was the touch five are they the same?
Автор: Mikazilkree
Draw the l
Автор: Nikoll
SASUKE!! 😍 (I love him, he's one of my favorite characters). You're really good at drawing, I love watching your speed draws and tutorials. 😊👍
Автор: Ter
Best Channel 😍
Автор: Mezilmaran
I live both of you Sasuke drawings videos but I like this one even more because................CHIDORI!!!! But seriously man keep up the great work and I hope you get more subs👍🏻
Автор: Tygoshura
Bro you should work on some naruto video games ...this looks exactly how the video games look but on paper ...
Автор: Daishakar
You are an Indian right ?
Автор: Mozshura
can u make a guide based on circle? why squares?
Автор: Durg
Very nice I wish I could draw like that keep doing it man .
Автор: Mezikasa
Wow the pen is actually useful aka sakura pen
Автор: Vogar
Just without chidori
Автор: Malkis
you like
Автор: Tobar
bro pls drae mihaek fro one piece and tobirama senju from naruto
Автор: Grorr
I love how you make your tutorials for these awesome characters but can you make a tutorial on the basics of art?
Автор: Nihn
Move ur hand so I can actually see what ur drawing
Автор: Motilar
could you please do how to draw minato step by step rasengan
Автор: Tadal
Автор: Mikanos
Автор: Takus
Автор: Kegis
Aayush what inspire you to do what you are doing now
Автор: Daizilkree
você sò não soube fazer o sharingam
Автор: Yozshumi
And good job on the picture bro
Автор: Mugar
That Chidori should be and Onyx Chidori but I'll except
Автор: Muzil
are you are sardar
Автор: Tygojin
You failed at his hair but its awesome
Автор: Dutilar
Step 1 draw a square fail
Автор: Dahn
Details on face are too big for head
Автор: Kibar
Nice the drawing
Автор: Tocage
thanks for aayush pencil art
Автор: Shakticage
btw nice drawing!
Автор: Malazilkree
+1 subscriber
Автор: Shaktikree
Edit:it’s way to fast especially on the time lasp .The things you do on time lasp are really time consuming
Автор: Shataur
Eyes are a little big
Автор: Daitilar
Ayush are you planning of selling artwork
Автор: Moogurn
please tell me ur secret! How to improve my drawing?!
Автор: Yolkree
Please do a Mitsuki tutorial. Loved this btw
Автор: Gardagor
thanks this help me
Автор: JoJokinos
Thanks alot for your advice in these tutorials they make my art skills better. When someone asks me how did I get so good at drawing, I will tell them it was you. Again, thank you for the awesome advice. ✌
Автор: Zular
Have a request..can you draw sasuke in the last movie
Автор: Brakree
Автор: Voodoogal
thans alot ur da best and i smashed the like button and ringed the bell
Автор: Takasa
Wow, you're amazing. Make one video with minato namikaze in dark chakra mode.
Автор: Golmaran
not rinnegan it is chidori
Автор: Mukinos
Looks a little like lady chio
Автор: Faegore
9:38 that pen is pretty useless
Автор: Braramar
I like, perect!
Автор: Masho
i m very happy because bhai to pehela banda mila h mereko Jo India k h or drawing k tutorial banaya sach me jabardust
Автор: Tegrel
Cool! Can u draw thorfinn from Finland or gon from Hunter one day?
Автор: Negor
How many centimeters per square?
Автор: Gukazahn
This was awesome
Автор: Kagasho
Автор: Akinogis
Ur drawing is amazing. Could u please draw temari and shikamaru frm naruto shippuden
Автор: Tar
Uau you is one one draw machine Sorry i AM Brazilian
Автор: Vudorg
make me your disciple. I must learn how draw whole body's and just not heads ;-;
Автор: Zulugore
Thanks for the tutorial it is nice 👍👍👍👍👍
Автор: Jurg
You are great
Автор: Taut
What company paper you are using....
Автор: Dak
Can you please please please do a how to draw Shikamaru
Автор: Sarisar
is he whearing narutos jacket
Автор: Tygot
I messed up, I did it to big for my paper 😂😂
Автор: Tojaktilar
but sasuke's have a black hair...!
Автор: Mezijora
How to draw tag: foot 2 rue
Автор: Doushakar
Автор: Mazuzragore
who thought that the chidori was the most difficult aspect of this drawing
Автор: Mekree
Good Aayush Pencilart 👍
Автор: Mikanos
Bro im so grateful for your awesome tutorials its really cool, Keep doing them and i can assure you that you will grow far more better, and more popular than now, im not just watching this video without any goals im hoping to get better this summer at drawing and im doing well so far i appreciate ur tutorials and hope for the best good luck in ur future
Автор: Tegore
- B23 Royal Blue
Автор: Mijinn
Keep up the good work my brother...✨🔥👏🏻👏🏻
Автор: Grosho
Veri nice <3
Автор: Bashicage
you are the hokage of the drawing you are the best of the best
Автор: Dogor
Thanks for the video
Автор: Fenrill
What kind of white pen did you use?
Автор: Vilar
where can you buy touchsoft color markers
Автор: Faern
I love your tutorial videos! they are very helpful! and awesome coloring style, i love it!👍😃
Автор: Vudoramar
Can u draw kirito from sao?
Автор: Dokazahn
Автор: Yobar
that looks like sakura
Автор: Vudokree
I'll support you!!!
Автор: Batilar
Nice bro
Автор: Vosar
Amazing!!!!! Could u please do Itachi next.
Автор: Shaktinos
Nice !
Автор: Nelabar
One more subscriber!
Автор: Mibar
its ridiculous how can you draw so nice I am wanting you will draw shin uchiha
Автор: Kele
I thought he used his eternal mangekyō all times during war
Автор: Kigaktilar
Bro please do me a favour please put a tutorial on how to draw hashirama senju
Автор: Goltim
DANG OMG!!😠 show off
Автор: Douzragore
- B24 Sky Blue
Автор: Vudojin
Wow man!! From the beginning of the summer I couldn't draw my fav characters and whenever I tried to get some tutorials on YouTube, it all got me confused. But my friends showed me your channel because they knew I was struggling to get better at drawing and when I saw this tutorial at first I was like: man this person gotta get recognition from a lot of people 'cause boy you helped me! You truly helped me get better and now I can now draw Naruto characters! Keep up the good work!
Автор: Tucage
Автор: Gusar
Nice tutoriel man 👌🏼
Автор: Fenrizshura
For some reason I did the exact same and not mistakes.. I actually won a art comepetiton with this...
Автор: Arajar
Your drawings are very beautiful i love them so much
Автор: Kijora
Make a tutorial whit material cheap :3
Автор: Nikorisar
#جيش السكيلرز
Автор: Damuro
AWESOME VID CAN YOU DO kirito tutorial pls
Автор: Grojora
It was today, that I realized that I suck at drawing fingers
Автор: Kazrazahn
Your drawing looks perfect while mine looks kinda like HRRRRRRGHRGHRHRH
Автор: Arakora
I drew it and I'm only ten but it's pretty fast but that's fine great otherwise 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍🤗😇
Автор: Moogukora
does touchsoft have a fine tip or a brush tip?
Автор: Dizuru
yay another tutorial 😀😀 you should make an tutorial on how to draw izuku midoriya "deku" from boku no hero academia 😄anyway amazing tutorial man ! keep it up ! 👍
Автор: Zulkikus
Автор: Dolar
Your good dude
Автор: Kazicage
Автор: Tuzilkree
Copics are stil much better
Автор: Sakree
Their called SAKURA pens!!! One of the main characters is a pen!!!!!!
Автор: Zulugar
amazing!!!! how many years have you been doing art? I'm 17 years old, but I want to start learning even tho its a bit late...
Автор: Tubei
like , so cool :3
Автор: Akinozuru
cool dude continue
Автор: Dounris
Đẹp "Việt Nam" mới hiểu từ đấy
Автор: Vinos
Is Touch soft head the same as Touch Five markers?? Because I have Touch Five and Spectrum Noir markers but I like them quite a bit. Also your art is amazing! Did you go to school for art?
Автор: Kazracage
beautifully painted
Автор: Dujora
Автор: Mazugis
Автор: Tukora
Love all your art work!!❤️❤️
Автор: Tegis
that was amazing
Автор: Kamuro
This channal is great
Автор: Akinorisar
please do how to draw shisui
Автор: Jukree
Draw time: 2 hours 😂😂
Автор: Vilrajas
Автор: Moogulkis
Nice tutorial, and draw lets go to 10k Subs :3
Автор: Niramar
That is cool, can you draw LUFFY
Автор: Mazukazahn
I drew this from ur vid
Автор: Gardazil
Автор: Shakajora
Yaar aap bhi singh mai bhi singh aap bhi artist mai bhi artist .awesome bhai aap to dtawing ke hokage ho.bhai mai aapka bohot bda fan hu .ek request hai ki aap manga tutorials and human anatomy par video banao yeh sirf meri hi nhi sabki zarurat hai.thank you are the king of art and an indian.
Автор: Tejora
Wow it looks like a print. Amazing bro keep it up and I'll continue to watch your other tutorials it really help me BTW is it touch soft colors?
Автор: Kigak
can you make tutorial draw hand please , good draw :)
Автор: Migis
I like how you help by actually showing us how to draw these Im glad I found your channel
Автор: Galrajas
I was drawing tho
Автор: Dashakar
This is sooo good 😊
Автор: Jubei
Автор: Kazit
- BV 13 Dark Blue Light
Автор: Nilabar
Awesome drawing i wish i could do it bettwr so keep it up😊😊
Автор: Jutaxe
make a tutorial of kaneki vs Jason (Yamori)??? Please 😭😭
Автор: Gataur
Wow how does he do that.he is a legend
Автор: Meztisida
I bat your the one who even draws the anima
Автор: Zushakar
Как квадрат помогает объясните пожалуйста
Автор: Yobei
- BV 31 Pale Lavender
Автор: Arashizil
What are the blue's you use in this I can't find them on Amazon
Автор: Arashik
Автор: Zulkigul
- B39 Prussian Blue
Автор: Negul
I might be asking for to much but can you please draw Itachi's susano with sasuke's susano right next to eatchother or draw one of them in a different toutorial ;3;
Автор: Dikree
quedo genial :o dibujas muy bien
Автор: Fautaur
love naruto
Автор: Mill
Автор: Ketilar
i tried drawing it and i didnt have enough space for the arm
Автор: Tasho
It's a mazing.... 😍😍😍
Автор: Migal
That is the best drawings ever
Автор: Kajikinos
starts at 1:44
Автор: Bralar
very awesome
Автор: Takree
Thanks .... i spend many times to draw like you and i draw verry like you . Thanks 😚
Автор: Douk
Автор: Yotilar
Автор: Malara
Good draw , image ?
Автор: Samule
first coment again 🙌🙌
Автор: Vosida
awsome where are you from
Автор: Kezil
- FY 1 Flourescent Red
Автор: Shakasida
Your an insane Drawer Thanks for the help😊
Автор: Taramar
Draw a sens please
Автор: Samusida
Thank YOU are a true bro
Автор: Barg
I just had an orgasm out of this masterpiece OMG
Автор: Dorn
Too fast
Автор: Zolojora
Wow thanks man!
Автор: Mazushakar
Hi I am ansh Kapoor I love drawing and I am 12 years old I always liked your drawing I had made all my drawings by following you
Автор: Kigabei
Please draw moroha from seiken tsukai No world break
Автор: Vuk
13:48 .
Автор: Kazigal
Dud I love it it's awesome thanks man ★★★★★
Автор: Kile
Автор: Kajinn
you video the best and 1st
Автор: Voodoobei
But this was very nice 🔥
Автор: Talkis
Can you draw sasuke rinnegan with crayons
Автор: Bajora
thanks this help me
Автор: Gushakar
Автор: Totaxe
can anyone give me the website to buy these pen ???
Автор: Jugrel
I also drew Sasuke Uchiha to appreciate
Автор: Doushicage
At 3:31
Автор: Shaktibei
I absolutely love all of your tutorials. I honestly believe that I couldn't find better tutorials than these anywhere on the internet. Hope you keep making more and I would like it even more if you could do Attack on Titan drawing tutorials. Thanks.☺

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